American Fire Sprinkler Association, Florida Chapter Announces the Second Wave of Endorsements for 2020 State Election Cycle

Tampa, Fla., Thursday, August 6, 2020 – The American Fire Sprinkler Association, Florida Chapter (AFSA-FL) released today its final list of endorsements for the 2020 state election cycle.

AFSA-FL’s recently-formed Political Action Committee (PAC) interviewed 30 candidates all vying for election to the Florida State Legislature, and has placed its political and financial support behind 10 of them.

AFSA-FL has endorsed the following candidates:

  • Sam Garrison (House District 8)
  • Jason Brodeur (Senate District 9)
  • Rhonda Lopez (House District 10)
  • Tina Polsky (Senate District 29)
  • Bryan Blackwell (House District 77)
  • John Snyder (House District 82)
  • Marie Woodson (House District 101)
  • David Williams (House District 102)
  • Robin Bartleman (House District 104)
  • Kevin Chambliss (House District 117)

“Interviewing legislative candidates throughout the state has been a great opportunity to build relationships with future decision makers and educate them about the importance of the fire sprinkler industry,” said Suzanne Salts, chair of AFSA-FL. “We look forward to continued relationship-development in the years to come.”