American Fire Sprinkler Association, Florida Chapter Announces Endorsements for 2020 State Election Cycle

Tampa, Fla., Tuesday, July 14, 2020 – Following an extensive round of candidate interviews, the American Fire Sprinkler Association, Florida Chapter (AFSA-FL) announced today its first list of endorsements for the 2020 state election cycle.

“The American Fire Sprinkler Association, Florida Chapter has always proactively met with lawmakers to educate them on our industry’s issues,” said Jessica Cox, executive director of AFSA-FL. “This year, we interviewed a large pool of candidates during our Tampa Bay Region Day and we believe our endorsements embody the values of our organization and are committed to representing small business interests in Tallahassee.” AFSA-FL plans to supplement their West Coast list of endorsements following two more rounds of interviews in Naples and Jacksonville.

AFSA-FL has endorsed the following candidates:

  • Michael Owen (HD-59)
  • Joe Harding (HD-22)
  • Ned Hancock (HD-55)
  • Michelle Grimsley (HD-70)

The endorsements come as AFSA-FL moves to establish its own Political Action Committee (PAC). The non-partisan, member-driven PAC plans to advocate for common sense solutions in the areas of workers’ compensation tax, regulation, healthcare, economic development, and labor.

“We’re excited to take the next step in forming a Political Action Committee to create a more powerful voice for our members and the fire protection industry as a whole,” continued Cox.

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