Designer School Beginning Fire Sprinkler System Planning School

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Beginning Fire Sprinkler System Planning School 

November 11-22

The Beginning Fire Sprinkler System Planning School presents a comprehensive, practical approach to preparing fire sprinkler system drawings. Students receive two full weeks of instruction, 60% of which is study and review of NFPA 13 (2016). The other 40% is the preparation of fire sprinkler system layout, shop drawings and how to do hydraulic calculations by hand. There is no CAD or third-party software taught in this class.

For Beginners Without any Knowledge of Design

The school is designed to train a beginner without any knowledge and or experience of design to be productive immediately upon returning to work. The students learn by actually planning and drawing sprinkler systems while studying and applying NFPA 13 (2016 Edition).

For more info, call: 214-349-5965, ext. 117.
This school will prepare the student to:

  • Accelerate the comprehension of plans and various types of building construction for proper sprinkler spacing applications.
  • Determine the proper and economic planning of sprinkler system layout and installation methods.
  • Know the importance of sprinkler specifications, types of pipe, hangers, fittings, flow tests, etc.
  • Learn to develop shop drawings from start to finish.
  • Learn to coordinate with other trades – plumbing, mechanical, structural and electrical.
  • Perform manual hydraulic calculations by hand, preparing the student for a more natural decision-making process when using a computer to perform hydraulics.
  • Prepare shop drawings in class for projects with different applications.